Google Launch Smart Debit Card

According to TechCrunch, Google has announced Smart Debit Card its physical and virtual debit cards. The card integrates with the Google Pay app, enabling users to simply track purchases, check balances, or lock accounts.

According to the statement, users are going to be ready to add or transfer money from their Google Pay account. By using fingerprint and PIN to secure the account. Once users are connected to their checking account, they will transact at retail stores with a physical. Google’s positive identification. the card may be paid to the reader without holding the phone.

The card is going to be co-branded with various bank partners, including CITI. Stanford Federal depository financial institution, the report said on Friday. Google Pay or GP currently helps users make peer-to-peer payments by adding a physical positive identification that may be used for a range of purchases.

Specify of Google Launch Smart Debit Card

The Apple Card was launched last summer and uses identity verification to secure online payments. If a card is lost or suspected of being a foul game, the user can immediately lock the card from the app and order a replacement. Google Launch Smart Debit Card will remain active because it’s a special number than the physical card so you maybe not noted of complete luck. If the virtual card could be a questionable card, the user can rest it quickly.

Google Card will connect to the Google app and you will see all transactions from the app. In addition, the balance can be known from the app. Although Google is not a financial institution, Google has seen a lot of business in finance in the last few years. Great example of Google Pay. Following the success of Google Pay, Google wants to move faster in the financial sector. Google’s move will also benefit from its earnings.


Google’s digital payment app Google Pay is very popular not only India around the world. Millions of people in India are paying with the Google Pay app. The Google Pay app has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times in India so far. Google Get Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is supported.

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