How to Use Facebook’s ‘Messenger Rooms


If you use Facebook or Facebook Messenger, you’ve probably seen notifications prompting you to try out the How to Use Facebook’s ‘Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms are basically a free and simpler substitute to video chat apps like Zoom, or Google Meet.

Instead of being an individual product, they’re connected directly into Facebook Messenger. Each room supports up to 50 users directly.

Many folks are working and socializing remotely, and Messenger Rooms provide yet one more thanks to connecting with one another via our phones and computers—but without a number of the excess, you’ll find in other video conferencing apps.

How to use iPhone and Android phones


1. Open the Messenger app.

2. People tab at the bottom right of the screen. 

3. Create a Room and select the people you want to link. 

4. To share a room with people who don’t connect with Facebook account, you can share the link with them. You can also share the space in your News Feed, Groups, and Events

How to use On Desktop or Laptop
  1. Open Messenger on via Facebook’s site (or
  2. Click the “START A NEW ROOM” camera icon at the top of the left menu.
  3. A new window will pop up. Click “Continue as [you]” to start a room.
  4. To invite others, copy, paste, and forward the URL above the room window to anyone you want to invite.

How to Use Facebook’s ‘Messenger Rooms’

Joining an area is that the same within the mobile app or on desktop. Simply tap or click the invite link to open the space , then click “Join as [username].” (You can only be in one Messenger Room at a time.) Rooms are invite-only, but remember that anyone can join an area as long as they need the link—you can’t limit rooms to a subset of your friends (or any specific friend lists).

Messenger’s room controls are easy to navigate once entered. The on-screen buttons include:

  1. Mic mute on/off-
  2. the camera on/off
  3. swap to all-participants view red
  4. “Hang Up” bubble. Desktop users also can close the browser window to finish the decision if they need it.

If you’re the host of a messenger room, you’ll tap the participants icon on the app or desktop versions of your chat to lock the room—preventing anyone else from joining if they happen to possess access to your link. You can end the chat at any time and boot everyone from your room.

On the desktop version of Messenger Rooms, there’s also a settings menu that gives few audio/video options to mess with if you would like to repair your mic or camera, as well as a button that permits screen-sharing mode (absent on the app-based version). On the app-based messenger rooms, meanwhile, you’ll tap a button within the lower-left corner to require a fast picture of your gigantic hangout.


So you can now How to Use Facebook’s ‘Messenger Rooms’. But the best news is that anyone can link the messenger room – you don’t need a Facebook or Instagram profile to use the tool. Imagine how wide you can cast your net.

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