Download 1000 HD movies in a second

Download 1000 HD movies in a second


This is the first time in the world that researchers at Monash, Swinburne, and RMID. Which has been able to successfully access the fastest Internet data? With the help of the first single optical chip. Download 1000 HD movies in a second

The record achieved with a single chip known as a micro-combi – which replaced 80 lasers of existing telecom hardware. The speeds of this internet are so high that it will take less than one second to download 1000 HD movies.

Experts say these advances are growing demand for homework, streaming, and socialization. which is used in self-driving cars, medicine, and education.

The micro-comb was set up to connect the University of Melbourne campus to the infrastructure.
And its internet speed will be a thousand times more than the internet we usually use.

Download 1000 HD movies in a second

Not only will this technology be able to provide high-speed Internet connections to about 1.8 million households in Melbourne. But it also has the potential to provide high-speed Internet connections in the world.

Scientists claim that this speed achieved by applying a new device of fiber-optic technology. Arnon Mitchell, a professor at RMIT, said it could use for high-speed communications between data centers at an early stage.

However, the researchers conducted the experiment on 76.6 km of optical fiber. Between the campus of Monash University and the campus of RMIT University.

Let me also say that this device combines 80 lasers together. This was the first step test which has been successful so far.

Due to which there is a need to increase the internet connection capacity in the current situation. It is seen that fiber optical is presently available and the internet will be an important link in the future. So not as long as it goes on and in the future. whether it is in the field of medicine or education or in different fields, the use of the internet will increase.


In other words, the whole world will then depend on the speed of the Internet. Due to which the speed of the Internet through a single optical chip is being tested and the whole world has seen the light of hope.

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