Google Meet: Video Conferencing for Business


Google Meet: Video Conferencing for Business. Lockdown ongoing across the country to prevent COVID-19 infection. Most of the workers are working from home as the office is closed. Classes are also running online as schools and colleges are closed. Everyone is relying on the video conferencing app to do all this work smoothly.

Zoom, a video conferencing platform, has become very popular in the wake of lockdown. But the Union Home Ministry said the platform was not safe. After that, doubts were created about the use of this app in different quarters. At the same time, Google added its own video conferencing app Google Meet to Gmail.

Although Google Met is not a new platform. Google has been coming up with this feature in G Suite for a long time. Currently, this video conferencing platform can be seen in the left sidebar when you log in to the web version of Gmail.

There is an option to start a new meeting or join a meeting. 100 people can join the video conferencing of Google Meet at once. Experts believe that Google added this meta to Gmail just to compete with Zoom.

How to use Google Meet: Video Conferencing for Business

You need to have a Google Account or Gmail email address to start the Google Meeting call, so make sure it’s one of them.

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Then go to or download the Google Meet app (iOS and Android) to get started from your computer.

To start a meeting, all you have to do is press the ‘Start a meeting’ button and give access to your microphone and camera if you want. A box will then pop up allowing you to add people to the meeting, where you can invite them via email.

Other participants do not need to have a Gmail address, it is only necessary for the person hosting the meeting.

Once you add some people to the call you are ready to go.

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